Hospital VITA Batel

Beds: 88 licensed
ICU Beds: 23
Land Area: 3,500 m2
Building Area: 7,000 m2


Hospital VITA Batel

IHC acquired Hospital VITA Batel in 2006, a 90-bed acute-care hospital located in the most prestigious area of downtown Curitiba, the Capital of the State of Paraná in Brazil, with a population of 1.7 million. Batel had 12 ICU beds and 7 operating rooms.  The Hospital maintained a laboratory and a blood bank under concession contracts. Hospital VITA Batel was a full-service acute-care medical and surgical hospital and was fully equipped with all of the imaging capabilities of VITA’s other facilities. The objective of acquiring this adequately performing hospital was to convert its focus to cardiology, upgrade its performance and establish quality standards commensurate with that of VITA Curitiba.

With limited expansion capital availability, the facility was acquired under a lease arrangement and the VITA team joint ventured with a large cardiology practice and created the best cardiac hospital in the region as a compliment to IHC ‘s other facility in the city, VITA Curitiba, which served as the high-acuity, intensive care hospital in the region.

VITA Batel achieved an increase in acuity, primarily cardiology, grew revenue by 169% and operated with 25,300 adjusted patient days and 6,900 surgeries annually.

Hospital CIMA Guanacaste
Guanacaste, Costa Rica

This project was located in the northwestern region of Costa Rica, 6.5 miles from Liberia International Airport.

Hospital CIMA Hermosillo
Sonora, Mexico

This hospital provided a full range of diagnostic, emergency, medical and surgical services. The 24-hour Emergency Room had a technologically advanced trauma area and operating room with a total of five surgical suites.

Hospital CIMA Chihuahua
Chihuahua, Mexico

With two medical office buildings this facility was one of the largest groups of organized physicians in northern Mexico.

Hospital CIMA Monterrey
Nuevo León, Mexico

Hospital CIMA Monterrey provided a full range of diagnostic, emergency medical and surgical services. It had a total of three operating rooms, two delivery rooms and a combined labor-delivery-recovery room.

Hospital CIMA Puebla
Puebla, Mexico

Hospital CIMA Puebla was designed to open with 54 (inpatient; 4 ICU; 4 Pediatric and Neo-Natal ICU) beds and a shelled-in space for up to 100 total beds

Hospital VITA Curitiba
Curitiba, BRazil

Hospital VITA Curitiba is a 132-bed acute-care hospital (140 licensed beds). The hospital offers a full range of medical services and is located in one of the nation’s most dynamic and fastest growing cities.

Hospital VITA Batel
Curitiba, Brazil

Hospital VITA Batel is a 90-bed acute-care hospital located in the most prestigious area of downtown Curitiba, the capital of the state of Paraná in Brazil.

Hospital VITA Volta Redonda
Volta Redonda, Brazil

The hospital had approximately 350 physicians with admitting privileges on its medical staff. Since acquisition, the hospital migrated to a high acuity hospital with 26 intensive care beds and 7 operating rooms.